Antiquity are a three-piece acoustic original/covers band based in Birmingham, UK. The band has been travelling and performing together for three years, playing festivals, pubs and parties across the country. They create their unique sound combining acoustic guitar with bass and cajon drum to deliver a sound that is both instantly recognisable and loved throughout the UK.

As an original band, Antiquity are heavily influenced by reggae, soul & funk artists. These influences come together to deliver music that is unlike anything out there today. Since signing with GT’s records in 2017, their music is steadily gaining popularity and with their debut EP due to be released soon, Antiquity are soon to be the name on everybody’s lips in the coming months.

As a covers band, Antiquity perform a wide variety of music, old and new, to satisfy every audience at any venue. The band have played in pubs all over the country, and performed at festivals including The Great Dorset Steam fair, the biggest festival in Europe. Since the band’s formation back in 2014, Antiquity have quickly become one of the leading covers/originals bands in the Midlands.



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