One Love Band

12th October 2019
6:00 pm
Shirley, Solihull, UK
Akamba Venue
One Love Band

Out of the remnants of Birmingham’s 7 piece band Catch- a- Fire saw the emergence of ‘The One Love Band’ formed in 2011. The early part of the year saw the band re-emerge as a 5 piece band whose aim was to do something different to a lot of tribute bands by developing a style not yet utilised by many of their contemporaries, the aim was to create a band that paid homage to Reggae music as a whole not just to single acts. As a band of musicians who over 30 years had worked on various projects in the city, this was to be the most satisfying project of them all. Even though the band feel the project is in it’s infancy the feeling is that good times are ahead for this set up. Now establishing itself as a serious contender in the market place the aim is to progress into 2012 with the show spreading further afield bringing a taste reggae to pastures new.

Ticket includes a 2 course meal


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